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Cross Sphere Android Android

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It unfolds in five planets,
Fantasy Action RPG! Cross Spear!
To explore the Colossus is located on each planet
Cong hero of this great journey begins now.

1. Make cooperate with the party! Using a cooperative team play spectacular skills!
– Aerial Combo, be targeting the enemy with party members as cooperative skills such as quick shots and beat!
– Enjoy a strategic play through 380 kinds of brilliant skill

2. Be visible in front of the monster overpowered Reid eyes! Raid system!
– Knocked out powerful monsters that appear in your raid and acquire rare items!

3. breathtaking stretches of confrontation without pausing.I hero! cartel!
– Be victorious in honor of the heroes challenge other heroes!
– Navigate to challenge your opponent to battle and victory Seeking!

4. La stronger and more! Colorful strengthen the system of cross Spearman!
– Random Be the hero more powerful in open chaotic systems and skills to elevate the abilities of the hero!
– Be acquiring more powerful weapons to strengthen the system of equipment and options open!

5. to foster a variety of fun hero heroes through the collection, synthesis, and more!
– Gathers various heroes of the total of 200 species and foster try!
– Explore the need to configure your own party Colossus exploration expedition in three different classes, such as offensive / defensive / assisted!


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