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I finally did find it in the meantime found ACTION MMORPG!
action. 1, two kinds of control mode, more precise control and feel a strong sense that a strike!
– Directly select a virtual touch-pad mode and drag modes and Feel a sense handed down strike at your fingertips!
action. Stronger War 2 Action 3 Action sense to only combo skills reminiscent of a game!
– Crowd rushing monster! Collect monsters! Feel the pleasure of action at a time, beating off a wide skill combo!
action. Real-time PK field open to someone to kill three grown my character!
– Real-time PK taking place in an open field! Remove the other players and collect the holy water Shoot grow your character!
action. 4 can be the best Guild Wars, such as large-scale strategic and not just the Guild Wars LOL!
– 5: 5 is now less! Large army should occupy the former enemy towers strategically as a maximum of 20:20 LOL!
action. 5 in a huge open field to knock watched the world from the forces of the fallen angel!
– Epic of heroes to stop the conspiracy of the fallen angels of destruction hourglass to symbolize the infinite!
ACTION euldeo also contains all the MMORPG packed RPG masterpiece the second half of 2016
ACTION X MMORPG Eternal Cross!
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Cross Eternal (KR) Android Free Download

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