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Crook 3 Kingdoms Gameplay IOS / Android

Crook 3 Kingdoms Gameplay IOS / Android

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Crook 3 Kingdoms by Hithere (IOS/Android)
Crook 3 Kingdoms is an original card game full of real-time strategies. The elegant art design comes from famous Chinese classical artists.
In the game, you’ll act as a king commanding famous generals and soldiers to build your own kingdom in the turbulent world.

The strategies lie in the choice of fusing two identical soldiers into a much more powerful one with screen sliding, or click soldiers and absorb their souls in order to summon a stronger one. The well-designed skill and restraint system also increases uncertainty.

If you like real-time strategy,card collection and lineup collocation, or you’re interested in the history of Three Kingdoms, you’ll love Crook 3 Kingdoms.


[Soldier Fusion]
With screen sliding, you can fuse two identical soldiers into a much more powerful one.

[Soul Absorption]
With simply clicking a soldier, you can eliminate it and absorb its soul, to summon another stronger one.

[Real-time Stragety]
Differ from turn-based monotony, Crook 3 Kingdoms allows you to fuse soldiers or absorb souls in the real-time battle. With more fusion and much mightier soldier summoned, you can get higher scores and better rewards.

[Monster Summoning]
You can challenge the monster, and once you beat it, you can summon it in the battle to assist you. The stronger monster you summon, the easier the victory will be.

[PVP Systems]
Abundant PVP systems in Crook 3 Kingdoms enable you to challenge your allies, fight hostile forces, and win the great medal of King.


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