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Crocodile Attack 2016 – Android Gameplay HD

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Swim and prey! Crouch and Attack!
Play as a hungry Crocodile and feel the fun of eating your frantic prey. With an appetite as big as this beast, you can hunt and eat anything. Crawl around the island looking for your next meal, frighten humans and animals equally. Change the skin of your crocodile to cool themes including football and zombie OR put your countries flag on it.
See the world as an angry monster that attacks anything it sets its bulging eyes on. Control this giant in water and on the land. Attack the people on boats and on the beach, kill men, girls, cows, sheep, chicken and lot more. Attack them with your massive jaws and drag them to death, chase the running prey and let no one escape. There are people swimming int the water and relaxing on the beach. Make sure to keep your crocodile well fed or it would starve to death.
Crocodile Simulator features include:
✔ Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments: including beaches, docks and the open sea
✔ Huge hungry animated 3D crocodile
✔ Smooth and easy controls to make the crocodile swim and attack
✔ Fast and action packed gameplay
✔ Swim around and eat people
✔ Get up on the beach and eat some more people
✔ Girls, Cows, Goats, Chicken and lot more.
✔ Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects
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