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★ ★ Creatures launch event commemorating the jackpot
Level up only if the creature summoned seats 6 St. pour!
Get started now with the jackpot rewards!

■ Turn over the plate referred to as a strategy! Real-time strategy RPG !!
Spectacular effects and unique character graphics!
Fresh Game controls how the selection and concentration to elicit!
Be careful targeting numerous dungeon own strategy!

■ 100% collectible! 500 species of charming creature!
Five properties and 9 different races of creatures!
Creature unique collection of 500 species of full Complete your own team!
Strengthening, evolution, let birth to the ultimate creature of synthetic!

■ growing! Evolution! reinforce! Strong growth system!
The transformation of a creature is innocent! Creatures that forever changed through growing!
Grow through evolution into a powerful creature unprecedented world!
Feel the creature is infinitely stronger to strengthen the system!

■ from the guild to raid PVP! The game in real time!
Experience a dense entanglement strategy and teamwork in real time!
Be combined suppress the guild and raid the power! “Guild Raid”
Destroy your opponent’s strategy of my strategy! “Real-time PVP”

■ Is the end of the adventure where ?! Pausing.I not content!
Adventure story with a massive world! “Dungeon Story”
Battle of extreme fighting powerful giant creatures! “Descent dungeon.”
Two consecutive “Top of the Infinite” and only the strong survive the infinite challenge until the “bloody arena!”

The endless adventure unfolds jeongryeongsa invite you to the world of Creatures!


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