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Crayon Shooter!

You have to smash the obstacles in front of you to move on, which are huge and not easy to smash.Even if they are smashed under your furious fire attack, they will still break into smaller obstacles. You need to continually smash them until they can’t stop you, but at the same time they will drop resources randomly after you smash them, which can increase your firepower so that you can smash them faster and easier. The deeper you fly, the bigger oncoming obstacles you will face, and the more small pieces be split into. How long will you last?

Crayon Shooter Game Features:

1. Splittable obstacles, novel gameplay.
2. Interesting and lovely little fresh pictures, with an endless aftertaste on the blackboard background of children’s interest.
3. Beware of obstacles that bounce back and forth, pay attention to avoiding them.

Crayon Shooter Game Highlights:

1. Try to control the number of obstacles so that you may not be able to avoid them.
2. The more shells you have, the faster they will be smashed. Don’t forget to pick up gold coins.
3. Upgrade your spaceship with gold coins, and upgrade the shooting speed and bullet power.
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