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Cosmos Champions Gameplay iOS / Android

Cosmos Champions Gameplay iOS / Android

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————-You’re our only hope————-
The creator is out for total destruction again! Only when a selfless angel steps forward would we stand a chance.

“The strongest among the stars shall live. You have a thousand years.”

Lead us now, Divine One!


※ Simple but fun
With just one simple button, you can swap your troops around and pull off all sorts of crazy moves in intense real-time strategy battles!

※ Cute, brave, and living
Over 100 distinct and loyal troops will be with you for the journey through the stars. Watch them grow from green yonglings to old seasoned vets as time passes in-game!

※To infinity and beyond
Terraform planets and explore them with your troops! Dungeons, treasures, and maybe other competitors too!

※ One button, but not the I WIN button
There is no sure-win meta, nor is there only one way to win! Got steamrolled? Switch that one troop around, and see totally different results!


App Store: Not Available Now
Play Store:…

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