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Cop Simulator 3D – Android Gameplay HD

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Become a Cop and Save the City!!!
Cop Simulator 3D is the latest First Person Shooter game where you step into the shoes of SWAT soldier and fight the gangsters ruining the peace of your city. With fast paced yet tactical game play this game delivers the best of FPS and tactical shooting games. Enjoy the smooth controls and refined game play as you shoot you way right into heart of mafia's strong hold.
Cop Simulator 3D gives you the chance to become everyone's Hero by fighting against the ruthless criminals in realistic 3D city environment. Organized and highly trained criminal gangs have been robbing bank, kidnapping people for ransom and blowing up buildings. Your mission is to blast away the criminal gangs infesting the city and restore order. Choose your best weapon , protect yourself with bullet-proof armor and keep some medical kits at hand as its going to be a bloody battle. Watch every step and do not hesitate to shoot cleanly as you clear the streets from criminals.
Cop Simulator 3D features:
– Smooth and easy game control.
– Complex situations, hijacked buildings, heavy firing and bomb diffusing.
– Rescue civilians to safety
– Number of weapons to choose from including UMP, MP5 etc
– Beautiful 3D Graphics
– Exciting Map with Realistic missions
– 20 thrilling missions
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