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Constantine (KR) Gameplay iOS / Android

Constantine (KR) Gameplay iOS / Android

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콘스탄틴 by 엔트리포 (iOS/Android)
Super Slide Action RPG Constantine !!!
1. Slide Action RPG!
The essence of the new slide action RPG!
Action can feel as a faster operation and a sense of hitting a new way!

2. Speedy game speed and clear the dungeon!
Dungeons exciting action and a clear time at a faster game speed!
Experience of the fast-paced game without boredom!

3. colorful characters and a variety of items !
Harmonization of the various characters and items in various costumes!
Enjoy the pleasure of items collected.

4. The charging mode of extreme honor!
1:01 jingeom through a series of tense penalty game!
Earn honor and reward top ranked players.

5. Easier training system!
This is not the end of items and level up! Raise your stats directly characters!
Try raising the abilities through the training mode.

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