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Clash of Harbor – Global War Android

1. Complete fair and free Trade system
-Free investment, Price control, Captain collocation, 24 hour full day Trade
-Deploy special trade army and enjoy the fun

2. Unique sail experice among the world
-Completely experice the atmosphere from golden era of middle Ages
-Sail all over the world, seek for the economic development and look for the big treasure

3. To be the Overlord on the sea
-Build powerful fleet to defeat mean pirates and protect the order on the sea
-Compete with other players to occupy the Harbor, and enjoy the fun of war among hundreds of players.

4. Create the top lane for yourself
-Develop the unique trade lane, and gain enormous profit, to get the power unable to go beyond
-Protect Trade lane, launch multiple battles which is exciting, don’t take it easy


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Total Size : 249 Mb

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