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Rise to the top of the heavyweight game in Clash of Champs – the latest all-action app from Shannon Briggs.

With simple one-touch controls, Clash of Champs puts your reflexes to the test as you fight to score quick-fire KO’s by reacting before your opponent, just like a western gunfight duel!

Beat your warrior rival to the punch and you’ll smash them from their platform, but tap too early or too late and you’ll be the one going down.

Play alone or with a friend on a single screen, share your best scores and keep coming back for more as you battle to reach the next round.

Remember, one punch can change a fight – will you be the first to land?


Play as Shannon “Let’s Go Champ” Briggs and hundreds of other fighters.

React first to score the KO – one-touch tap controls make it easy for anyone to play.

Share your best scores and call out friends to see if they can top your ranking.

Fight alone or challenge a friend in single-screen two player mode.

Battle in dozens of colourful settings – from the boxing arena to jungles, deserts, and more.

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Download Clash of Champs –

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