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Clash of Assassins Android

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Clash of Assassins Android Android

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Clash of Assassins is an Online Action Role Playing Game from the Most Famous Detective Wuxia Story in Ming Dinasty of China. The main story is based on Clash for the Throne happened between the Crown Prince (Son of The Emperor) and Prince Kim (The little Brother of the Emperor) when the Emperor was serious ill.
There were series of murders happened in the capital, forcing the warriors and detectives to start to investigate the murders, however, they found out that the Crown Prince and Prince Kim were all involved in those murders!
So what conspiracies under the murders can’t tell ?
What were waiting for them in the Clashes for Throne?

*** Clash of Assassin Game Features ***
*3D RPG Graphic – Auto Fighting System*
Addictive and awesome 3D Graphics and auto HD Battle display will bring you into amazing gaming experience.

*Epic Artifact Weapon*
Unique Artifacts weapons system offer a enhanced attacking and defending power inside the game, it will give you more attributes and different skills!!

•Experience the Legend History•
Redisplay and experience the legend history! Finish scenario missions that are based on historical events from the Wuxia Story, acting as detectives to investigate and collect evidence to reveal the murders, conquer the most powerful dynasty in the history!!

•Get the Throne•
You are born to be an emperor, Do not ever adoubt it! Utilize you wisdom and genius, and make your Guild and Mansion the strongest!

• Amazing Ride•
You’re not alone! , adorable and Tough Ride are waiting for their master~ Upgrade your Ride give different attributes for you!

* Adventurous Missions and Daily Event *
The adventurous and aggressive missions will make you passionate, continuous daily events will offer you more unique items and artifact weapon to enhance your power. Lead your Guild fight with World BOSS, PVP, and Arena features to beat your enemies.

Don’t wait, conquer the empire with us!


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