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Clash Mutant Android

◎ Clash Mutant ◎

◆ Characters full of personality to stimulate the collective desire!
– Collect characters that combine with glamorous visuals and special abilities.

◆ Strategic Game Play
– Collect characters with different abilities to find the best combination.
– Enjoy the dynamic and strategic battle in a variety of combinations.

◆ Automatic Hunting System!
– Through automatic hunting system, you can constantly hunt.

◆ Various modes to enjoy endlessly
– 6: 6 PVP Arena battle to become the ultimate Hyper character!
– Leave to find the rare treasure hidden in the Abandoned planet!
– Guild raid that requires cooperation between guild members! Destroy the evil dragon!
– Hunting on the Pigle-W7 planet, blow stress and get coins!

◆ Play with your friends!
– Summons your friends to experience the power of your friends!

◆ Essential course to become strong!
– If you want to be stronger, join the guild!


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Total Size : 180 Mb

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