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Chicken Grow Android Android

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Chicken Grow is free epic adventure RPG. In Chicken Grow, you will be a boy and join the battles with your chicken, turtle and pig. Collect powerful weapon, special item, use ultimate skills, defeat the boss of stage and become a hero of school. After each battles, the boy will grow up and stronger and continue to fight the bad guys.

Features of Chicken Grow:
– New gameplay combines RPG and strategy games.
– Amazing graphics suitable for all ages especially for kids.
– Hundreds of monsters to challenge.
– A lot of weapon with crayon, pen, food, staff and many epic item to collect and craft.
– Over 100 stage, fight with a lot of monsters and become legends of school.
– Each weapon has a unique ultimate skill. Collect as many weapons as possible to see all the cool power and defeat bosses.
Join the adventure with your chicken warrior and pig soldier. Fight the bad guys to save your school and city. Let go with chicken discover a new challenge now.


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