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Chaos Legends Android Gameplay

Chaos Legends Android Gameplay

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Chaos Legends – 3D Fantasy Role-Playing Mobile Game
A dark day has dawned across the once-mighty empire, split by internecine strife as brothers take up arms against brothers, all belying the sinister demonic forces that threaten the survival of the land itself. The people cry out into the night for the hero of legend, the prophesied savior to wrest control from the chaos and deliver peace at long last. Many warriors rise to the call, who will be the ultimate legend of chaos?

Chaos Legends transports players to a unique ancient oriental fantasy realm, replete with monsters and demons as the kingdoms of men battle for dominance in a fast-paced action online RPG for mobile! As players enter the fray, they have their choice of several different classes of heroes.

Blood Runs Hot – the Warrior

Wielding a mighty pole-axe, every fiber of this hero drips with brute force. He is a warrior fueled by ferocity and power, a mighty champion who will never back down from a fight and lets no enemy stand in his way. The Warrior prefers close-quarters combat, where he can look his enemy in the eye as he vanquishes his foes.

Refined Technique – the Swordsman

If the Warrior is the embodiment of brutality and ferocity, then the Swordsman is the epitome of technique and form. Gracefully wielding his mighty blade, the Swordsman is a master of the great martial arts, and brings a dignified air to his combat.

Arcane Mysticism – the Sorceress

Since time immemorial, the ancients have handed down mystical wisdom to the people, providing those wise and gifted enough to master it the power to control the elements of nature itself. The Sorceress is just such a gifted individual, a mage of unparalleled skill and cunning. Cast spells and decimate demonic enemies with her powerful magic.

Be you armed with pole-axe, sword, or magic, become the hero you were born to be today and fight back against the evil forces in the land with Chaos Legends!


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