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Champions Of War

“Champions Of War, fighters to attack by land, air, attack on the stronghold of the enemy, the goal to steal the resources to strengthen the fort and the warriors, including the champion of. we You can play alone or play with friends in a battle to the Guild has played a lot of games in a fight with the Real-Time Effects spectacular. War Champion struck in the city are popular at this moment. Players can download the free system waiting for? Get it !!

[Form of the game]
Strengthens the Warrior, Champion, and many defenders. To fight in war
– A war to plunder the resources of the enemy.
– Can join the battle in Guild.
– The battle to want the top position in the Ranking.
– Real-Time Battle system enables to enjoy planning the attack on the fort and effectively.
– Defenders can decorate all high level at level 13.
– Upgrade champion has both positive hit, strengthen and Gem Systems for use up to 15 levels.
– Each champion has a good off from 1-5 stars, and each can be used in the war Skill lot.
– To strengthen the warriors from military exercises to be easy to attack the enemy base.
– The base with turrets and traps for the many forts, such as Fort archers, cannons, turrets, forts lightning, Fort champion, Fortress bomber.
– Quest system allows players to complete various quests to win prizes.
– Stage system allows players to wade through each stage of the award will vary depending on the attacking player McGrady 144 Stage.
– The Defense Stage the players manage to AI’s base defense plan to invade the maximum level 30.
– The Daily, Weekly, Monthly Mission to give players a mission to win the award.”


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