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Cat Frenzy 3D – Android Gameplay HD

Download Cat Frenzy 3D – Android Gameplay HD

Ever Imagined smashing stuff and creating chaos around the house and still being considered lovable and cute by everyone? Well, here is your chance to play as a fun and obnoxious little cat!
-Enjoy Multiple Cats
Choose among 10 adorable cats
– Bug the human around you
Playfully irritate the people around you for fun
– Style up your pussy cat
Dress up your cat using different accessories including boots, glasses and caps
– Play with and smash objects
Have fun with numerous objects around the house. Smash stuff and create chaos!
– Vibrant graphics and realistic house environment
Realistic house environment and awesome graphics will triple your fun
– Indoor and outdoor locations
Enjoy multiple rooms in the house and step out in the playground for some outdoor fun
– Perform your routine Cat tasks
Eat and sleep to regain your energy and get ready for more exciting challenges ahead!
-Complete exciting challenges
Search for household items and perform different tasks to complete challenges
-Play with animals
Chase and annoy other animals in the playground
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