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Capsule Toy Monsters Gameplay Android / iOS

Capsule Toy Monsters Gameplay Android / iOS

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Real-time Battle monster training RPG “Capsule toy Monsters”
Created party just for you,let’s aim Arena No. 1!
Easy operation and brain warfare, turn-based command battle!
Evolution, capacity building, the upper limit release. You can enjoy deep training.
Let’s complete the magical toy monster that jumps out from the capsule!

● Aim for a NO.1 in the Arena mode! ●
– Can users and real-time match-up of the whole country!

● Very high difficulty quest mode! Are you able to clear! ? ●
– In solo play, auto mode and speed mode installing! Easily could be playing!
– Multiplay mode comming soon!
– To clear the daily mission, trying to get a reward every day!

● about 200 species of monsters! Strategy is infinite, depending on organization! ●
– Monster add one after another in the future
– Upper limit release by combining the same monsters!

● luxury arena reward! You can further strengthen your monster! ●
Favorite status can be enhanced if you use the “Egg”! It is available with the win in the arena.
– Try to customize the monster to their liking!


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