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Bumper Aliens Space Shooter

– A relaxing bullet hell (danmaku)
– Fun galaxy physics-based game play.
-9 epic ways to upgrade every spaceship
– 6 Drones with elemental abilities. (Fire, Ice, Energy)
– Soothing warm colors perfect for relax bed time.
– bubble like space bullets

– Shoot the enemy in any direction!
– Attack the invader in this addicting arcade shooting game.
– Complete control of your spacecraft
– Daily Missions
– Special Soundtracks and Sfx
– Retro galaga inspired shmup
– Scrolling shooter mechanics

Story Excerpt:
“They traveled 20 light years to reach Earth, armed with all their best weapons and began to kill all the dinosaurs. They were largely successful, dwindling the population through different methods but they faced a challenge with the Megalosaurs, the strongest and toughest of all the dinosaurs but also the wisest. They knew how to harness the power of the earth, the winds, waves and fires and used this immense power to fight the aliens.”

Plans for the future:
– Chat rooms, PVP, ranking, leaderboards
– More drones! and improvement on their upgrade system GUI
– A story of interstellar warfare like no other.
– weekly updates

If you experience any bugs please let us know at
We will fix them ASAP!
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