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Bumbardia (By 80HD Games) – iOS Gameplay Video

Download game Bumbardia (By 80HD Games) – iOS Gameplay Video

From the makers of Nanoswarm, 80HD Games, Inc. presents, Bümbardia™! (BOOM-bardia)

The land of Bümbardia™ is in trouble! The evil Imperial Army has invaded and now it's up to you to stop them! Join Harry, Larry, Barry, and Joe in their heroic fight to take back their homeland. Help your fellow troops by providing air support as a bombardier, clearing enemies out of their way as quickly and efficiently as possible. Or alas… you could just have fun blowing everything up.

Featuring wacky characters and an arsenal of weapons, Bümbardia™ allows for varying styles of play. Aid your friendlies strategically through coordinated precision or just blast in like a bull in a china shop destroying everything in your path. Nevertheless, enjoy the ride!

• Sweet physics! Watch soldiers ragdoll across the map as you blow them away!
• Destroy just about everything!
• Traverse randomly generated maps, creating a seemingly endless experience!
• Wide variety of weapons at your disposal including mini-nukes, missiles, & even laughing gas!
• Ride in a monster truck & tank, crushing all that stands in your way!
• Extensive records, keep track of all your targets eliminated and load out usages!


Twitter: @80hdgames

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