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Bubble Pop Strike

If you enjoy fast-paced, addicting, and challenging quests, then you’re going to love this new game! Bubble Pop Strike is fully loaded with colorful balls and logic quests. Blast away as you solve levels, rescue cute creatures, and save the day!

Here are some things you’ll love:

• New game: Filled with enjoyable logic-based crushing fun.
• Addictive: Once you pop bubbles, you can’t stop!
• No WiFi and no internet needed: You can play online or play offline, whenever you want.
• Non-stop shooting fun: Take great shots, solve puzzles, move up levels, form strategies, and win big!

💥 Boost your shooter gameplay with new boosters

Bubble Pop Strike has even more balloons and more boosters than ever before! Check out these power-ups:

• Beam Booster: The Beam booster has a special laser aim that clears all the bubbles in its path. In a single shot, you can get some serious bubble popping!

• Stereo Booster: The Stereo booster clears 5 balls in a horizontal row. This way you can speedily clear levels and level up.

• Sparkling Booster: The Sparkling booster makes everything around it explode into a shower of colors. You’ll enjoy the stunning effect of having major balloon explosions erupt around the screen.

• Rescue Levels: Rescue cute creatures that are trapped in the bubbles. Rescue them, and save the day!

Bubble Pop Strike Unique Game Features

In addition to having special boosters that make this rapid bubble pop game fun, Bubble Pop Strike promises:
• Relaxing: Relax with this unique arcade game that lets you solve puzzle after puzzle in thousands of levels of bubbles fun!
• Stunning Effects: The graphics, sounds, and colors on in this bubble shooter game make for awesome gameplay. You can enjoy dazzling special effects.
• Special Rescue levels: Adorable small creatures that you can rescue from bubble despair!
Bubble Pop Strike has everything you could want from epic levels to dazzling challenges, so download it now and start crushing those bubbles to win!
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