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Brawling Heroes Gameplay iOS / Android

Brawling Heroes Gameplay iOS / Android

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The once peaceful galaxies and time dimensions, ruled by Titan Goddesses called “Time Keepers” are now in turmoil! Unleashed by the power of the dark dooms legion forces, demons are invading and corrupting every planet, sealing out Titan’s Throne and harnessing their powers into gemstone so that the power of light can be kept in the darkness forever. The fate of the throne is in your hand, novice adventurer!
Conquer the champions altar and summon the mightiest Champions from multi universe to battle by your side to reclaim the precious gemstones, bring back the power of light, and eradicate the dooms legion once and for all!

Join and battle for glory with friends and guilds, or face your worst enemy players in the ever intense and fire burning Arena!
– Real time side scrolling Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with advanced tactical play and raid mode!
– 3D Battle Action and skill effects
– Line of sights, Area of effect, Damage overtime! Variety of combination skills and area management that actually determines the battle outcome!
– No more old school botting and grinding, with fast paced action and unique combat movement and roles of champions to defeat different modes, bosses, and other players!
– Search and team up with your favorite mighty heroes from multi verse galaxies! Unleash the deadliest ultimate skills of each heroes and prepare for spoils of war at your fingertip!
– Heroes companion and goddess legacy system, with friendly heroes that can synergize power with each other and titan goddess to gain more strength!
– Awaken your mightiest champions for a fiercer look with upgraded stats bonus and stronger ultimate skills
– Engage in a massive territorial war to control resources nodes necessary for troops upgrade!
– Triumph and reclaim lands from dooms legion, reaping spoils of wars and treasures from Babel Tower Challenge
– Unlock Elite and Legend mode for harder difficulty to test your ultimate and tactical skills, with ever improving loots!
– Become number one of the galaxy by defeating all player enemies in the Grand Arena!
– Join guild and fight your way through guild dungeons and bosses to earn contribution points


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