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Pickaxes at the ready – it’s digging time! Under all the earth, the gravel and boulders, you’ll find poor, lost animals waiting to be rescued by you and your dwarf. Collect all the magical inhabitants of the forest in an album and take a look at your achievements and successes!

***Digging fun with cute animals!***
In this fast-paced casual game, your task as a little dwarf and an animal love is to rescue as many inhabitants of the fairytale forest as possible from the dark, deep mine. Destroy the rocks along the way with tricky combos, and dig deeper underground to collect rare and mysterious animals.

***Keep an eye on your lettuce!***
Since all of your dwarves are vegetarians, it’s important to always keep an eye on their lettuce intake, or else they won’t dig as efficiently. If you’re too careless about their nutrition, it could mean Olaf fainting right on the spot! So pay attention to your lettuce bar and take a break from collecting all those coins and animals every now and then!

***Take a look at your personal album and receive rewards for collected animals***
All the animals that you already rescued are listed in your own album, where you’ll also find information about how many animals of each kind you’ve rescues and which are still missing from your collection. You can select your favorite dwarf in the menu and make use of his cool items!

* The challenging digging game with cute animals!
* Collect as many different fantasy animals as you can and view them in your personal album
* Get useful items and new dwarves, such as the bombing dwarf Eldur

So what are you waiting for? Got your shovel and bucket ready? Then let’s start digging with Boulder Rush!

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Boulder Rush – For Android

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