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Bikini Bob maps for MCPE

Enter an amazing underwater universe in Minecraft and unfold the beauties that lie beneath the ocean – Bikini Bob City welcomes you! This map brings a large underwater city to your MCPE game, allowing you to enjoy a brand new gaming experience! Dive deep and start exploring!

This application is not an official Minecraft Pocket Edition development! It is neither approved nor associated with Mojang AB, and we do not cooperate with this company! All Minecraft-related assets including the Name and Brand are an entire property of the Mojang AB Company or its respective owner. All rights reserved. As stated in

Bikini Bob Minecraft map is a perfect recreation of the underwater world with thousands of amazing similarities! Such as, the map contains everything you want to see: a pineapple house of the main character, a Moai-head house belonging to a grumpy octopus, a tree under a glass dome where a cheerful squirrel lives, a burger cafe, a shopping mall made in a form of a large ship, an amusement park with all possible rides and roller-coasters, a hospital, a prison, a parking with lots of small cars aka boats, a residential area with over 100 houses, and many other buildings which make Bikini Bob Map for MCPE well-worth exploring! Take time to drop into every house and building – this map offers really much to see and do!

But a well-developed infrastructure is not the only benefit of Bikini Bob Map for Minecraft. This city is populated by quirky underwater creatures such as fishes, whales, crabs, colorful jellyfishes, sea stars, and other representatives of marine fauna.

The main hero of Bikini Bob Map for Minecraft is, surely, a little sponge boy. He is a good fellow, and all Bikini Bob citizens love him, except for a cantankerous octopus. The sponge is a virtuosos cook and works as a master chef in a burger shop. He also has the best friend – a pinkish sea star. Together, they always get into different situations, not a day goes by without thrilling adventures!

Surely, Bikini Bob MCPE Map wouldn’t be so complete without two cafes, whose owners are deadly enemies competing against each other. One cafe is made as a crab pot and belongs to a very greedy crab. This place is very popular with Bikini Bob dwellers because burgers here are prepared by the talented sponge boy! Another cafe resembles a garbage bin run by an evil bacterium, and locals try to keep away from this place.

Bikini Bob City is a large map for Minecraft with lots of features and constructions so that you will never get bored while playing on it! Bring your friends, download special skins to really get in Bikini Bob mood, and discover the magnificent underwater city designed for your MCPE game!
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