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Beasts of Ice Age – Android Gameplay HD

Download Beasts of Ice Age – Android Gameplay HD

Are you ready for the most thrilling Ice Age hunting adventure? Here is your chance to play as your favorite Ice Age beast! Experience Ice Age as an ancient beast of your choice and fight like an angry, ferocious predator! Attack and knock down ancient animals including dinosaurs, and saber-toothed tiger! Eat up your prey for survival! Expand your family of beasts to fight against enemies! Take revenge against the barbarians who are trying to kill your family! Pick a fight with ancient Minotaurs!
Features of Beasts of Ice Age:
– Choose a beast of your choice
Play as your favorite predator! Choose among Saber-toothed Tiger, Mammoth, Bear and Wolf
– Use Upgrades to Evolve
Evolve over time and become a powerful predator!
– Stealth Option
Disappear from the view of your prey with stealth feature
– Unlock Mighty Animals
Unlock ferocious and powerful animals for wicked experience
– Start and Expand your Family for Support
Use mating feature to expand your family of Beasts
– Fight with ancient creatures
Pick a fight with the Barbarians and Minotaurs who threaten you and your family
– Day and Night Cycle
Enjoy realistic day and night cycle
– Sleep and Eat for Energy
Sleep to regain energy! Eat your prey for survival!
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