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Battle Skylands Gameplay iOS / Android

Battle Skylands Gameplay iOS / Android

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Fight against others in the magical scenery of Battle Skylands, raise strong fortress defending your villagers and forge mighty army! Plan attacks, steer your troops, battle and conquer isles and expansions!
✩ Raise breathtaking village from variety of resources like iron, stone, wood or antigrav-crystals
✩ Steal great islands and villagers from enemy
✩ Join alliance to get and give support to others (coming soon!)
✩ Use secret knowledge to battle with players worldwide
✩ Train deadly forces: wild Amazon, tough Cholita, crazy Bomber, just Fighter and other kinds of troops
✩ Let settlers pray for miracles and call for them at battlefield
✩ Give orders with your finger and group army into divisions to beat the most strong defenses

Network connection is required!


App Store: Not Available Now
Play Store:…

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