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Battle Crasher: Spin it! Android

“Battle Crasher : Spin it” is a easy-to-learn RPG where you need to manage your “Spin”.

By “Spinning a reel” , you will “explore dungeons” , “fight monsters” and “collect treasures”.
If it looks like “you are going to die”, you can always “retreat” from the battle and rest at “tavern”.

At “tavern”, you can “spin the reel” to “grab some wines” to “restore your health” or you might involve in “a fight or two” and “get hit by some wine bottles”. So try your luck!
Oh! I forgot to mention that you might encounter “Moro”, the assassin. so be careful..but it all depends on your “luck of the day”.

Try “Wheel Of Fortune” to get some “soulstones” to “upgrade” your character.
The “soulstones” are only available from “Wheel Of Fortune”, so you should keep visiting this menu when you have “Red stones”.

Ah…at last the “red stone”!!
If you click “plus” sign next to “red stone” , you will enter a “crest management” window.
Drag the collected “crests” onto “puzzle board” of redstone.
Every time you complete a row, you will receive a random number of “redstones”. Test your luck here!
Only with “redstones”, you can swing the “Wheel Of Fortune” and wish to get “soulstones”.


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Total Size : 194Mb

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