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Barbaric: The Golden Hero –

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Barbaric: The Golden Hero – Free

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Take on the role of a mighty barbarian warrior on an epic quest of monster smashing and loot grabbing! Hack and slash your way through monsters to raid their dungeons and steal their gold!

Transform into a barbaric pinball and strike down monsters! Charge into hordes of undead creatures and become the most powerful Golden Hero!

Test your aiming skills in dozens of levels, upgrade your character, and discover powerful items!

• Reach the top of the tower by honing your skills and your blade.
• Collect epic weapons in a quest for legendary loot!
• Roll through dark caves, castles, and dungeons!
• Jump right into the action without a tedious tutorial!
• You’ll crush enemies, that’s for sure!

• Express yourself with awesome funny stickers, suitable for every occasion.

• Record your amazing feats and share them with your friends.
• Live broadcast to your favourite streaming apps!

• Sync your progress across devices. Never forget your tales of glory.

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Download Barbaric: The Golden Hero –

Barbaric: The Golden Hero – Download Game

Barbaric: The Golden Hero – For Android

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