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Baby Piano For Kids


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Game Description

The baby piano for kid’s game by Gameiva is the best way to learn piano and also many other different musical instruments in a totally fun way. Learn different rhymes like twinkle twinkle, old Mc Donald and many others from this amazing melodious game for kids. Play different musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, and flute etc. for all the different rhymes. You will be taught with steps on how to play the music on each song.


  • 1) Select any of your favorite rhymes one by one.
  • 2) Then select the instrument you want to play first.
  • 3) Follow the circle and play the rhyme on your selected musical instrument.
  • 4) Change the instrument any time after you play it.
  • 5) You will be glad to hear the song that you just played perfectly.
  • 6) Share this musical learning game with your friends and play it together.


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