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Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Android

Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Android Download for Free

Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Android Android

Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Android iOS

Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower is a speed attack fantasy saga, where the Chosen Ones battle with speed and power against the corrupted forces. As the fallen immortals dominate the land, heroes chosen by the heavens gather and join forces. But they need your help to save the world from the brink of oblivion! Level up the five heroes and their gear, create the ultimate expedition force and claim victory!

Despite low spec requirements and a small size footprint, this game will offer the core experience and joy of HACK & SLASH RPG. Install Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower now and witness amazing graphics and jaw-dropping action.

● Speed Attack each stage as you progress up the tower!
● Crush the enemies you encounter with powerful skill combos for hack & slash mayhem!
● 80+ unique gear and skills for Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Barbarian and Archer.
● Character skills are paired with each gear, and acquiring new gear will result in new skills.
● The tower boasts a diverse array of monster types with over 100+ stages you can challenge.
● Tag team system allows for strategic character swaps during critical situations.
● Own and upgrade a tower of your own – and collect gold and resources that are produced in the tower.
● Pillage(multiplayer) towers built by other players to plunder their gold and resources.
● Collect and upgrade the Dragon Pets, each with expert skills and 6 grades of power.
● Test the power of your expedition in the global rankings against gamers from around the world!


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