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Babaji (By WINJIT APPS PRIVATE LIMITED) iOS / Android Gameplay Video

Download Babaji (By WINJIT APPS PRIVATE LIMITED) iOS / Android Gameplay Video


An enlightened Babaji was known across kingdoms for the curative powers of his magical nectar pot. It was believed that a herbal mixture prepared in it not only cured diseases, but added years of vigor, strength and vitality for generations to come of the recipient.
Handed down by his ancestors, Babaji had vowed to use it only for the deserving and needy, but a lot of greedy kings and merchants slyly eyed this nectar pot and knew the benefits of getting something this powerful in their control. Many offers were made to Babaji to ‘sell’, but he refused, much to their growing rage.

One day, despised and wrathful kings decided to scheme and steal this pot from him. And they did just that! Now, unarmed, the Hermit has only one agenda: to throw over the attacks made on him via some of the deadliest, sharpest and quickest ‘shastras’ from ancient times coming his way, which will need more than a meditative eye to perish!
Babaji is prepared. With you and your magic finger in tow there is no enemy he can’t destroy. What’s more, with every successful hurdle you help Babaji cross, you enjoy specially crafted life boosting protectors and challenge your wits to the very end, because this game is going to take everything you’ve got. Get your sleeves rolled up and let’s bring a piece of history back home. Shall we?

From the creators of Bhaag Modi Bhaag and Cricket for Rajni, comes yet another deliciously ravenous arcade game which calls for nothing more than the power touch of your sharpness. A one touch finger game, while playing this one, you won’t be lifting your finger anytime soon!!

Game Features –

– A one touch finger game
– Unbelievably easy to play!
– Protect Babaji from deadly attacks!
– Procure a shield to defend yourself from sharp Shastras!
– An Endless Game Mode!

Designed to bring you a seat strapper of an experience!!! Enjoy this game with your friends and family!

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