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◐◑ NO dungeon! ONLY REAL PvP! ◐◑
– There is no longer a tedious dungeon! Dungeons stress OUT!
– All – Live Action! We invite Hero Arena nimdeul made only in real war.

◐◑ tired even without gaps, various modes! ◐◑
– Live jump ‘zombie virus’! All aboard the Arena, Hy-line with the zombies.
– ‘Capture the flag’ with friends Enjoy the joy of victory.
– Have a look at the strongest “dual-Arena” hot Herton taehan Arena.

Auto Battle of the same pattern ◐◑, stop now ~ ◐◑
– Auto battle is only now – goodbye for now the age of control individuals looking place!
– Enjoy the winning character to avoid the tag of skills and control!

◐◑’s game is practice. Alert is taboo! ◐◑
– Zombie shit throwing a hook at a time! Be careful way everything looks, such as a visible trap!
– Surviving numerous pitfalls, youngungnim a real winner!

◐◑ pretty cute, the hero of the costume! ◐◑
– This cute character is not the end ?! Costume system!
– Spy show off the personality of the hero nimdeul a huge variety of costumes!

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