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Be the one who finds the longest sequence!
The most engaging multiplayer game with numbers, play for hours and hours of fun!

A new, original, puzzle formula!

Find the longest sequence of equal or consecutive numbers: the longer the sequence the better your score.
[23345655432122322343 is an example of a valid sequence]

Discover hidden bonuses, get medals, badges and crowns for your achievements!

Play against time to practice.

Play against one of your friends or challenge a random opponent: the app will look for the player matching your skills and you’ll be quickly competing against him/her.

Monitor the status of your challenges, get notified for new matches that require your move.

Check your performance, through your scores graph, your medals list, your achievements, or your matches list.

Share your records, medals or achievements screenshot with whom you like via your whatsapp, email, facebook app.

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Enjoy appAnddown!

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Download appANDdown: The Game –

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