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Anti Infection Gameplay iOS / Android

Anti Infection Gameplay iOS / Android

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Anti Infection by Kick9 Co. Ltd. (iOS/Android)
The year is 2070 and planet earth has become an alien-infested wasteland following the failure of a dimension experiment. The very existence of mankind is now threatened by hordes of ruthless alien creatures. In the chaos also emerged a rebel group that secretly aided the extraterrestrials for their evil plot, pitching themselves against the human alliance. As the commander of the alliance, only you can stop their evil plot and save humanity from an unprecedented menace.

Anti Infection is an Sci-Fi real-time strategy game featuring classic-looking 2.5D graphics with rich details. Build your base, command powerful Heroes with special abilities and guide your mechanized army into adrenaline-filled PvP battles with intuitive touch controls. Explore a post-apocalypse earth plagued by alien creatures as you battle through shattered cities, wind-eroded landforms and alien-dominated ice field, and do whatever you can to bring peace and order back to the planet.

The war has begun. Are you ready?!

• QUEST your way through an action-packed storyline and face hordes of alien monsters.
• COMMAND a futuristic mechanized army with unique skills and multiple upgrades.
• BUILD your base with a thriving economy using strategy and tactic.
• DEFEND your base against impending attacks with defenders, traps, self-destructive droids and 10+ upgradable towers!
• LEVEL UP your heroes and unlock their powerful abilities.
• BATTLE players worldwide in breath-taking asynchronous battles and CONQUER their territory for valuable rewards.
• CONTROL all the action in REAL-TIME!
• CLIMB ranks in real-time PvP arena, DOMINATE your enemies, and PURSUE the ultimate victory!


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