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Am I a Hero? Gameplay iOS / Android

Am I a Hero? Gameplay iOS / Android

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Am I a Hero? (SEA) by YJM Entertainment (iOS/Android)
“Am I a Hero?”. A mobile RPG that holds so many incredible story of heroes
They all have their own charm and story! Meet and collect these adorable heroes in “Am I a Hero?”!!

-Game Features-

[Let’s make the ultimate team!]
– Water, fire, wind…Ugh that’s so lame!! Here you will find 5 different unions; UJIT, Mutant, Humane, Dark Side, and Other Side! Each has its own story!
– Each hero also has unique and fancy skills!
5 different Hero Types! Close attacker, defender, long distance attacker, healer, and manipulator!
– Collect all charming heroes and try to form your own best strategy!

[Let’s strengthen the heroes!]
– Equip 4 different items and cubes that have various effects!
– Make invincible heroes through evolution, power-up, transcendence, and item expansion!

[Unique and simple battle!]
– Back line, mid line and front line! Line array system that helps you diversify your strategies!
– Easy control of dynamic and effective battle!

[Endless contents!]
– Strengthen your heroes through Adventure, Daily Dungeons, UFO, and Alien Invasion. Get more and more reward!
– Defeat giant raid bosses with your elevated strategy!
– Enjoy various endless contents where you can test your heroes!


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