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Air Merger – Idle Coin Maker

Air Merger – Idle Coin Maker is one of the best merger idle plane evolution games. Merge kinds of planes to get higher level plane. Then place planes on the airline to work for you. Tons of coins will come to you, never been so easy.

In this game, you unlock new planes via merge the planes to upgrade into a new unique planes. Your goal is simple but needs good strategy. Enlarge your planes collection by unlocking all our unique colourful planes. Earn maximum money and gems to buy planes for merging, planes merger. Upgrade your planes to have all our fantastic colourful planes.

🛩 Colorful planes
🛩 Easy to play
🛩 Free game
🛩 simple controls
🛩 share your best score to your friends
🛩 very easy to start and very hard to stop

Merge, build, and develop your very own towns with Air Merger – Idle Coin Maker!Download Air Merger – Idle Coin Maker for free
Free download Air Merger – Idle Coin Maker :

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