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Age of Quantum Gameplay iOS / Android – YouTube

Age of Quantum Gameplay iOS / Android – YouTube

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Background Story
With the advances in mass-energy conversation researches, a new source of power emerged and became the world’s most sought after resource. Major countries started to fight over this resource and trigger a worldwide energy war. As the war gradually eats up their manpower through battles, the international confrontation turned to mercenary groups.

The Energy War turned into a stalemate between three major domain namely, the Algorith Kingdom, Eastern Force and Oceanion. Years passed since the war started, normal economic systems were no longer in place and joining mercenary groups became the way of life.

Players are leading their own mercenary group to fight for survival!
Game Features

– First of its kind one handed shooting controls which leave your other hand free to carry briefcase, grab the handrail, play basketball, or hold your lover by their hands.
– First “Revenge” game play system allows you to reverse the situation with the right timing control.
– Automatically lock-on and attack enemies.
– Perfect combination between shooting and action games. One finger control but double the fun.
– Dodge or take on the bullets? You can win both ways, high risk high reward boost game play excitement.
– Cool and original Fight Suit designs for the robotics fans.
– Over 40 different pilots to choose from.
– Unique pilot Genome system allowing you to build your own perfect pilots.
– Amazing 3D graphics that brings the fight experience to life.
– Just a shooting game? No! Build your own base defence and raid against other players for resources!


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