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AFK Arena

Command a huge array of heroes from four distinct factions and forge your destiny. Make use of each character’s unique and powerful abilities to create a formidable fighting force and save the realm of Esperia!


Ascend the spiral staircase of the King’s Tower, traverse the endless paths of the Arcane Labyrinth and investigate the mythical Peaks of Time – A new adventure awaits you!

Choose heroes from four factions: Lightbearers, Wilders, Maulers, and Graveborn! Choose a formation for your heroes and utilize powerful abilities to vanquish your foes!

Allow your heroes to do battle while you work or play! All it takes is the press of a button to reap the rewards they fight for.

Enjoy 44 unique and exciting heroes. Train them up from inexperienced adventurers to mighty champions.

Seek out the sacred artifacts that lay within the Peaks of Time and unravel new storylines.

Meet with players from all over the globe to form your own guild houses and begin your exploration of Esperia together!


A war between life and death rages in the lands of Esperia. Annih, god of death sends forth demonic hordes to claim the world as his own. With the fall of Dura, god of life, only mortals remain to make a stand against eradication.

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