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Adventure Story Gameplay iOS / Android

Adventure Story Gameplay iOS / Android

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Sets out to a never ending adventure, fill with joy, exciting battle, and overloading of cuteness! Doodling characters, blazing skills and the first of its kind ‘all hands on deck’ battle mode — packed in this fun-filled journey. All in 《Adventure Story – Classic PCGame in Mobile now》!

Classic 8-bit Gaming Revived
Like all classic 8 bit games – jump to dodge all attacks! Spot a perfect attack angle that can cause multiple damage just by one shot, kiling two birds in one stone.

◆◆◆Show Off Your Weapons ◆◆◆
Your duel just got more extreme when each of your hand holds one different weapon. Unleash your inner creativity by combining both of your weapons into one.

◆◆◆Real Time Manic Meltdown Fun ◆◆◆
Multiple battle mode available for selection – battle against one in 1v1 Solo Mode, or fight against 3 other players in Survival Mode.

◆◆◆Ready to Fly with Your Pets◆◆◆
Step up your game by using different pets along your journey. Plus, you can always accessorise your pets with different acessories can unleash various attacking skills. Pets are always men best friends!


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