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That game producer TAKEYO is, shoot into the world completely new SRPG that mimic Mahjong!
Genuine game gamers seek appeared!
Completely simulation RPG, such as a new board game!
Tactical stage that can not win without. Competition that Ji and Ji collide.
The back of the deep game of the more do do it.
Character without Namidaseyo in picture-story show-style story!

■ capture possible 20 dungeon / 100 stage more
Let psyched tempered and equipment companion to the high degree of difficulty dungeon
Stage random element Lots
Exercise your also your strategy of not only the character ability

■ Renkin the equipment of the upper collect items
Trying to Renkin weapons to collect items in the dungeon
Do with a difference Commitment rival in [Quality]
The width of the strategy if carefully selected [skill] is spread further
Or go up the strengthening value], or is up to your choice further Renkin the equipment of higher

■ try to unpredictable respond
Give effect to the whole and the stage change of every structure [tarot card]
Out around the turn course [Surprise roulette] move the formation at once
Either mercy of the random element, or to dominate all of the elements as soon as your brain

■ character in more attractive equipped with armor!
The appearance of the 3D character is renewed by reversing the armor

Let psyched to 4 people play against ■ trained fellow and equipment
You can play against the rival nationwide
Does your strategy is leading to the rival! ?

■ support language
Chinese (simplified)

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