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천명 500vs500 MMORPG (KR) Gameplay iOS / Android

천명 500vs500 MMORPG (KR) Gameplay iOS / Android

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천명 by EfunKR (iOS/Android)
■ ■ enjoy in real time battle 500 vs 500
Taking place one thousand people live in the open fields around the country!
Check real-time battlefield ever-class 3D 500vs500 eyes!
■ ■ nationwide competition for the entire Republic of Korea clash
Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeolla, Gyeongsang honor to make a fierce battle begin!
The desperate struggle for existence was not previously experience begins!

■ Today Seoul and I received! ■
Through fierce competition munpa Be crowned a king!
Be a King is conducting a real-time combat training! (Audio support)

■ ■ skill rune system to reject mediocrity
Take the boredom that use the same skills!
Complete your own strategy skill that changes depending on the skill runes!

■ At the same time the strength and beauty! ■ Costumes & Wings
Strength and beauty of the front and back together!
Be overwhelmed by the enemy at a glance in a variety of costumes and wings!

■ Everything for the glory of the country! Quest country invaded! ■
Although the fair is not no mercy to the enemy for the good of the country!
Shoot the enemies constantly weakened over the country invaded Quest!


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